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Moe Wakea moe ia Hina
Loa'a a Hina a Loa'a
Molokai'i he kama
Moloka'i nui a Hina
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The earliest mention of Hina stems from the beginning of the creation
chant A'O PO.  In this excerpt, the great sky god, "Wakea", took the
goddess, "Hina" to be his wife.  After some time, Hina became pregnant
and soon gave birth to the island of Moloka'i.  Hina was joyous with her
newborn island child.  Thus came the saying, "Moloka'i nui a Hina", Great
Moloka'i child of the Goddess Hina.
In the traditions of ancient Molokai, the goddess Hina was an important
deity in religious worship.  
She was guardian-protector over the Koolau Districts which encompassed the northern and eastern
parts of the island.  Hina had command over the elements of Nature and could summon the rains or
the winds if she so desired.  She was also a powerful healer knowing every healing medicinal herb of
the forest.  Even Kahuna La'au Lapa'au prayed unto Hina for guidance in healing his sick patients.  
She was loved by the people of Molokai. (
Mahalo to Kumu Hula Victoria Takamine for this description.)
Alapa'i Hanapi is the sculptor who lovingly brought Hina to
life in pohaku, stone.  This statue of Moloka'i's mother rests
between the Kaunakakai Library and the state building on Ala
Malama.  Take a few moments while you are in town to walk the
short Kukui-lined path to see her and be in her presence.  Come by
Kalele Bookstore & Divine Expressions to learn the legend of
"Pu'inokolu'a Hina", the three wind storms of Hina.  You may just
have a chance to talk with Alapa'i and his beautiful wife, Mililani.  
They might be pounding kapa, rolling kuka'a or giving kokua in
trimming the Lilikoi Hale.
Mililani Hanapi makes the most
beautiful contemporary designs with
her traditionally made Kapa.  
Earrings range from $18.00 t0 $80.00
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Ku'ka'a (rolled hala
leaves for lauhala) is
also available.
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Alapa'i Hanapi brings legends to life through stone and
exotic woods.  Pieces begin at $800.
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