Kalele Stephanotis
Paul Fischer lives in the alley
across Ala Malama from the store.  
'Bout once a week or so, he rambles
out with a wrapped up t-shirt.  I
am always excited to see what he is
about to unveil when he puts it on
the counter.  Bowls of every size,
wood and color, exquisite
hardwood bookends or hand carved
candle holders, oh yummy!
I met Paul through Robin Baker and because I saw him pushing his son Jared around town in his
stroller.  I love any daddy who does that.  Paul didn't believe me at first when I told him that Robin
had talked about this remarkably talented young man who does wood pieces. But after one year of
selling his work, he is beginning to take in the admiration that Robin, I and our customers have for
His use of Kou, Koa, Milo and Monkeywood, all hand gathered in the forest allows visitors to keep a
strong reminder of the Mana of the Molokai mountains.  His humbleness keeps his prices so low,
you'll be amazed at what you will find.
Each piece is hand carved and original found wood, so no two are alike.  Please specify your favorite
wood and price range and
Email your request  or call me; I will be happy to let you know what is in
Monkey Pod Wood Yummy
buttery color with caramel tones.  
Monkeypod has long been an island
favorite wood for calabash bowls.
Hawaiian and Formosa Koa Trees are plentiful in our upland forests.  Koa is well known for his
glimmer and curly stripes of rich, warm tones.  Paul's organic treatment of the wood allows the shine to
brighten up your display.  Each piece is truly a work of art.
Milo Wood is know for its wide
range of color variations and was the
favorite of the ali'i.  It is also the
favorite with most wood workers as it
doesn't cause any skin reaction like
most of our other woods. I just love
the deepness of Milo's personalities.
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