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Robin Baker has retired now.  He
lived up in the forest preserve for over
twenty five years.  I used to stop in,
especially when I had friends or family
going to the lookout.  More times than
not, Robin would be working away in
his workshop - the ever-present stogie
in the corner of his mouth and the
pukas in his pants.  
Never thought twice about it - we were in the woods afterall.  Robin is a bigger than life kind of guy, one
who worked as a teenager on the Rio Grande with his father, reportedly spent time as a Navy Seal and also
has an infamous photograph showing a former Hawaii governor in a compromising position. He was kicked
out of his forest home by the DLNR a couple of years ago and moved to town.  Robin's wood work is well
known and has been added to private collections around the world.  Kalele Bookstore has what few pieces
remain of Robin's for sale.  We have his turned Norfolk & Cook Pine bowls, some free form Milo and a few
carved bowls too.  There are only a few of his redwood masks and assorted small boxes, so don't wait too long
if you have always wanted one of Robin's pieces.  
Email your request  or call me and I will let you know
what is still here.
"Just Friends" Redwood carved wall
hanging.  Robin and Halia are good
friends & I suspect a lot of love
between them.  I swear this is a self
portrait.  $465.00 item # 1727
Carved Milo Box One of the few
boxes left with Robin's free form
carving and the exquisite Milo wood.
$165.00 item # 1380
"Wisdom" One of my favorite of the
Redwood wall carving masks.
$285.00 item # 1723
"Robin's Favorite" Intricate and
sassy carrvings throughout this Milo
root.  Robin's personal favorite piece.
$4200.00 item #
"Double Milo Bowl" No, I
wouldn't put 'Chips n Dip' in it, but
could be used for artful display.  Milo
wood.  $2100.00 item # 1371
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